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Thermal Gas Systems HALOGUARD® refrigerant monitors are used for life safety notification and ventilation control anywhere large tonnage, water-cooled, chilled-water systems are utilized for air-conditioning or process applications.

Primary applications of water-cooled, chilled water systems for air-conditioning include: central energy plants of hospitals, colleges & universities and corporate campuses, as well as the mechanical rooms of multi-story commercial office buildings, casinos, data centers, federal, state & local municipal and civic buildings including; courthouses and correctional centers, postal facilities, convention centers and libraries & museums. HALOGUARD refrigerant monitors are also found in commercial and industrial facilities that use water cooled, chilled-water systems for process applications. These include food processing and cold storage plants, advanced materials manufacturing facilities producing such items as silicon wafers and aerosol gels, and industries that use other varied, cryogenic processes.

Our markets include: commercial and industrial HVAC & refrigeration equipment manufacturers, dealers, installing contractors and the maintenance & service personnel that keep these systems running; building owners and property management companies, as well as engineers, facility managers and purchasing agents for the GSA and military facilities.

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